What’s coming up


Berlin, June 14-16, 2024:

3rd workshop – Aikido with children and young people

Exchange, training and further education program for Aikidoka, Sempai and Sensei

When? Friday, June 14th to Sunday, June 16th 2024

Where? Land-Dojo Horst Späthling, Fergitz (Uckermark)

Registration: ilka@kikentai.berlin


Göhren, August 10 – 17, 2024

Aikido Summer Camp 2024

When? Saturday, 10.08.2024, until Saturday, 17.08.2024

Where? Island of Rügen, Nordperdhalle, Gerhard-Hauptmann-Straße 1, D-18586 Göhren

Costs: Complete: 170€ / 120€*, day: 50€ / 30€*

*) for participants under 18 years

Registration: Mail to Axel


Strausberg, 26.-29. August 2024:

Dachoyama Youth Camp 2024

When? Monday, 08/26/2024, to Thursday, 08/29/2024

Where? Dachoyama Dojo, Altes Postgelände, Garzauer Str. 20, Strausberg

Costs: 240€, incl. course fee, accommodation and meals

Registration with Ishlar



Greifswald, May 04, 2024:

Aikido course with Karl Ruben (5th Dan Aikikai) at Do Shin Greifswald e.V.

When? Saturday, May, 4th 2024

Where? Aikido Dojo, Gaußstr. 12, Greifswald

Aikido-Lehrgang am 04.05.2024 in Greifswald mit Karl Ruben

Berlin, April 27-28, 2024:

Aikido seminar in Berlin with SHIHAN Jorma Lyly (6th Dan Aikikai)

When? Saturday, April 27, 11:00 am, until Sunday, April 28, 1:30 pm

Where? Franz-Mett-Gym, Gormannstr. 13, 10119 Berlin

Aikido Seminar am 27. und 28.04.2024 in Berlin mit Jorma Lyly (6. Dan Aikikai)

Reichenberg, 9th of September 2023 :

Aikido for Thanksgiving

with open-air demonstration at around 3 p.m. We will picnic and celebrate ourselves again.

We will meet at 11 a.m. at the Reichenberg Festival Meadow for training.

Karl Ruben

Strausberg, September 2023 :

Aikido seminar with Karl Ruben, 5th Dan Aikikai

Aikido is Movement

Joy of life from Berlin as a guest in Strausberg.

Kokoro meets Dachoyama



Satureday, 30th of Semptember to Sunday, 1st of October 2023



Hegermühlenstraße 7

15344 Strausberg


60€ for complete seminar

40€ for U20

30€ for single class


Belt exams: Before the summer vacations and at the youth camp, more than 20 children, teenagers and adults successfully passed their belt exams. Many members have been training with us for years and so we are especially happy about many high graduations among the youth.

Dachoyama 4 neue Grüngurte

Berlin, April 2023 :

Aikido Seminar in Berlin

A spring seminar with Jorma Lyly (6th Dan Aikikai), organized and conducted by Dojo Kokoro Aikido Berlin.


Saturday, 04/29/2023 – Sunday 04/30/2023



Gormannstr. 13

10119 Berlin


Registration not necessary.


60€ complete seminar

40€ U21

30€ single class


Reichenberg, September 2022 :

Youth training course

Intensive training with good mood … that was our youth training course


Reichenberg, September 2022 :

Aikido for Thanksgiving

A wonderful day with intensive training, picnic and a demonstration in the sunshine.

Karl Ruben

Greifwald, August 2022 :

Aikido course in Greifswald with Karl Ruben, 4th Dan Aikikai

A weekend full of Aikido and fun … so you can call our trip to Greifswald!


Reichenberg, July 11-14, 2022:

Aikido Summer Camp

After the success of the first Aikido camp, we again honed our Aikido skills together for four days and had fun!


Sweden, July 2022 :

International Lillsved Aikido Summer Seminar

Training and meeting friends at this year’s International Lillsved Aikido Summer Seminar in Sweden.


Rügen, July 2022 :

Aikido Baltic Sea Camp 2022

With a small delegation we were represented at this year’s summer training course in Göhren on the island of Rügen.

Dachoyama Aikido Ishlar Smolny

Prötzel, OT Prädikow, Saturday, 2.7.2022, 13:30 :

Aikido demonstration

In the context of “OPEN Neuland Märkische Schweiz” – Regional Festival for Neighborhood and Cohesion there was a great Aikido demonstration of the children and youth.

Dachoyama Gürtelprüfungen

June 2022:

Belt exams

46 children, teenagers and adults have successfully passed belt exams this month. Congratulations to all examinees!

Jorma - Dachoyama Aikido Ishlar Smolny

Märkische Höhe, May 11, 2022:

Training course with Jorma Lyly – Sweden

20:00 Open training with Jorma

Dachoyama Aikido Ishlar Smolny

Hohenbüsow, April 18-21, 2022:

Aikido Camp Hohenbüsow

For four days our youngsters and adults of the Dachoyama did Aikido together and had a lot of fun.

Dachoyama Aikido Ishlar Smolny

Göhren, July 2021

3rd Dan for Ishlar Smolny

Congratulations, Ishlar! A passed exam to the 3rd Dan… Sandan! July 2021 at the Aikido camp in Göhren.

Karl Ruben

Strausberg, October 30, 2021:

Course with Karl Ruben – 4th Dan Aikikai


10:30-12:00 – Aikido
12:15 – Exams
15:00-15:50 – Bokken
16:00-17:30 – Aikido
18:00 – party

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AIKIDO – Thanksgiving

When: 11.09.2021, Saturday

Where: Reichenberg Life Center

More info to come


Sunday, February 21, 2021, online:


4 teachers – 2 countries – 90 years of experience


11 am to 2 pm (Germany)/12 pm to 3 pm (Greece)


40′ Aiki taiso – Ishlar Smolny (Dachoyama Aikido).

20′ Bokken – Angeliki Manta (Munshidokan Aikido Club)

40′ Internal power – Ilka Flora (Kikentai Berlin)

40′ Aikido – Vasso Kantzara (Aikido School Athens)

Zoom meeting ID: 816 3843 1541 / Passcode: 428249


Germany: info@dachoyama-aikido.de

Greece: info@aikidoschoolathens.gr

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Reichenberg, September 26, 2020

Aikido presentation: children, youth, adults at the big festival in the Life Center Thomas Müntzer

Start 16:00


Reichenberg, September 12, 2020

Course with Jorma Lyly – 6th Dan Aikikai + Clemens Ziesenitz – 5th Dan

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Home Aikido

Corona Time

Children’s Aikido pictures at Corona time. The training continued via Skype, so that the children kept moving

Karl Ruben

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the course will be postponed until further notice.

Strausberg, 21.03.2020

Course with Karl Ruben – 4th Dan Aikikai


11:00 o’clock – 11:50 o’clock Tanto
12:00 o’clock – 13:00 o’clock Aikido
15:00 h – 17:00 h Aikido

Registration by e-mail: ishlar@dachoyama-aikido.de


Strausberg 2018

Aikido course with Jorma Lyly

Karl Ruben

Berlin, December 17, 2017

Kyu examination course with Karl Ruben – 4th Dan Aikikai


Strausberg, 08. Mai 2016

Dojo-Eröffnung mit Ishlar Smolny und Karl Ruben

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Karl Ruben

Berlin, 22. Mai 2016

Henka-Waza/Kaeshi-Waza-Seminar mit Karl Ruben – 4. Dan Aikikai

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