Our partner dojo

Our most important partner is the Kokoro Aikido Dojo managed by Karl Ruben. Already during the installation of our dojo has he been an immense help and invaluable partner. And up until today, both Ishlar and Paul still practice in his dojo.

A huge support for us has also been the opportunity to work together with the Yoga Lotos Studio. Actually, only because they were willing to share their space with us have we been able to develop a dojo this quickly. We will always be deeply thankful for this gift and salute the Yogi with a deep bow.

Close groups and dojos


Axel Buksnowitz – Kikentai

Christian Gouget – Aikido-Ryu


Anita Köhler – Aikido Dojo Darmstadt

Aikido Trainingsgemeinschaft – ATG Hamburg


Christian Tissier – Cercle Tissier Paris

Inaba Minoru – Shiseikan Tokyo

Michael Gilman – Gilman Studio Tai Chi Port Townsend, WA

Jorma Lyly – Vanadis-Aikido, Stockholm